Visit a Fullerton Restorative Dentist if You Are Missing Teeth

Posted on: June 20, 2016

Restorative DentistIf you have lost a tooth in an accident, a Fullerton restorative dentist can help to replace it in a way that looks natural. As a cosmetic dentist, patients often call us because they do not like the appearance of their smile and want to improve it. Often this is because of stains on their teeth, crooked teeth, gaps in between them or even tooth loss. While you can visit a general dentist to address these issues, we are confident that you will receive the best possible results by visiting our restorative dentist office.

Our focus is on providing you with solutions that will improve your long-term oral health. We want you to be able to maintain your natural teeth for as long as possible and so we provide ongoing preventative care that can help you to do so. These bi-annual teeth cleanings can help to prevent gum disease, cavities, and infections, positively impacting your oral health. In many cases, this will decrease the overall risk of tooth loss. Still, there are some events, like a car wreck, that cannot be anticipated or prevented. In this case, it is possible to lose a tooth or teeth and need to have them replaced.

As a Fullerton restorative dentist, we believe that the solution you choose as a tooth replacement is incredibly important to your quality of life. We can provide you with dentures, a dental bridge, or dental implants to do so. All three are durable and practical solutions for tooth replacement, but the process of getting them and how they function are different. As a result, the impact on your lifestyle is different. For this reason, we will ask questions about what you like to do, what your favorite foods are, and how much time you have to spend on a restoration. Your answers will allow us to make a recommendation that is suited to your needs.

We will also conduct a physical examination and take x-rays to determine if you have any restrictions that could prevent you from getting one or all of the above-mentioned solutions. For example, in order to get a dental bridge, you must have two natural teeth that are strong enough to support it. In this procedure, we place dental crowns around two of your natural teeth and these teeth hold up or support the bridge, acting like an anchor for it. Without these teeth, you cannot get a bridge and may need to explore dentures or implants instead. On the other hand, in order to get dental implants you need to have enough bone density for the implanted post to secure to. Fortunately, we have a wide variety of solutions that we can implement to get your mouth ready for a restoration and can explore these with you further if there is one particular solution that you are leaning towards.

As a Fullerton restorative dentist, any tooth replacement that we give you will look natural and be incredibly durable. To learn more or to further explore your options, call and schedule an appointment.

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