Laser Dentistry During Pregnancy

Posted on: July 1, 2016

Laser DentistryWe offer patients laser dentistry as an alternative to traditional dental procedures.  This is ideal for pregnant women that have sensitive gums and teeth. Hormonal changes can make your gums more sensitive, even while brushing your teeth.  Tooth sensitivity is one of the reasons many pregnant women don’t visit the dentist while pregnant.  This, however, is a mistake as it is important to stay in good oral health and laser technology makes these visits pain free.

Pregnancy hormones can not only make your teeth and gums more sensitive, but they also put you at greater risk for gum disease and cavities.  Visiting the dentist is an important step in avoiding these oral health issues.  We can use laser technology during teeth cleanings to remove the bacteria, plaque, and tartar that forms along your gum line and teeth.  This won’t cause pain or swelling and is ideal for patients that are concerned about staying comfortable during and after their dentist visit.

Laser Dentistry treatments are completely safe during pregnancy.  We don’t use any tools or treatments that would cause harm to you or your baby.  In fact, we can help the two of you to stay in better health.  Medical professionals believe that pregnant women in good oral health, produce children that have better oral health.

During the third to sixth month of your pregnancy, your baby’s teeth will start to form.  During this time, it is very important for you to take additional calcium supplements.  Your baby needs a lot of calcium to develop strong teeth and bones.  If you don’t consume enough calcium your body will take it from your teeth and gums and give it to your baby.  This can cause them to become brittle.  A calcium supplement can help to prevent this complication.

As a dentist, we watch for signs of weakening teeth so that we can help to strengthen them before you become susceptible to cavities and tooth decay.  Things like fluoride treatments can help to strengthen your teeth, and you can use a fluoride toothpaste at home to augment any in-office procedures.  You can also eat nuts and crunchy vegetables instead of sugary snacks.  This will help to remineralize and strengthen your teeth even further.

If you develop any cavities during your pregnancy, we will discuss treatment options and create a plan that you are comfortable with, while keeping you as healthy as possible. Laser Dentistry makes any treatments faster and more comfortable.  Pain is reduced because the lasers are fast, accurate, and precise.  By discussing your options and potential treatment plans, we can create a health care strategy both during and after your pregnancy.

When your baby is born, we can treat them too.  We offer family dentistry services and can start treating your child when they are one year old.  Keeping their teeth and gums healthy is just as important as keeping yours healthy.  Baby teeth are essential for their development, and they need to stay in for as long as possible.  Visit us today so that you and your children can stay in good oral health.

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